Thursday, June 20, 2013

done and done

I have been waiting for this day for a long time. the day that i would check off my last event of this  very busy season. In the last month and a half i have had 16 different events. From big ones to little ones and everything in between. Most of them work events, but a good handful of personal/ business events as well. And to be honest i am a ittle worn out. Last night i had a dinner party and this marked my last event for a few weeks. I am so excited to have a bit of a break and i even go on vacation in a few weeks! The prospect of have a normal week where im not home late or working on some project and having my routine back is so exciting to me i can't even handle it. 

I love what i do but i am excited to have a chance to get things back in order. My house is a disaster zone, along with my car, and office...time to organize and regroup and get myself back together and prepared because as scary as it sounds fall will be here before we know it and that season is so much more exhausting then spring. 

so heres to summer, and maybe even a few more blog posts here and there :) for now i will catch you up on what i have been up to the last month and a half! 

Flowers...lots of flowers

dessert reception

with 200 cupcakes....

celebrated this kids birthday :) that is a giant nutella calzone from Via die.for. 

helped celebrate a 90th birthday with some cheerful and simple decor 

with more cupcakes..this time i didn't even have to make them :) 

for ANOTHER birthday celebration I made a chocolate peanut butter birthday cake
from scratch complete with peanut butter cups on top.

had an amazing graduation and got to see this kid officially become a PharmD. so proud 

and finally it all ended last night with a dinner party for 10

with amazing food

and the best news is that this girl is back helping make it all happen! cinta events is complete again :) 

 Hope everyone has a simply amazing thursday! 

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