Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my best! :)

Today is my one of my best and oldest friend's birthday. Miss Sammie is turning 23! :) It's so weird because 22 comes along and its like And for some reason knowing that we are all starting to turn 23 is just like oh...i guess we are growing up..haha..okay stupid but think about weird things like that...haha

Anyways.... Sammie and I met back in middle school...i want to say in 6th grade?..maybe 7th...we used to eat lunch together and then as we went into high school we got to know each other more and before you know it she was my bestie :) I introduced her to Nordstrom anniversary sales... we had hundreds of Starbucks trips and DP's (dance parties). We've been through thick and thin together and even though our lives get hectic and busy I always know that she will be there for me. I feel like you can always tell a strong friendship by how long you havn't seen someone and when you are with them again you just start back up right where you let off. And there is something about knowing someone for so long and that history you have with them that makes you that much closer.

So to Sammie.... you have turned out to be one of the most beautiful, selfless, kind hearted people I know. Someone who works hard and has such a great heart for others. I love you so much its ridiculous and I can't wait to see where we end up in life :) because where ever that is i know i'll have you in my life :)

Happy 23rd My Love!!!

Have a simply wonderful Thursday :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: What Not To Do edition

I would like to start this post by saying that this post is purely my opinion. There have been thousands of weddings that have used the things i have listed here today and i'm sure some of them were beautiful. But here is my personal lists of things to stay away from when planning your wedding.

Tulle. Oh tulle. Now im sure there are some things that could be done with tulle that don't totally look tacky. But when i see or hear the word tulle i automatically think tacky. And normally thats what tulle ends up being. the swaying and shimmering of the fabric is just not my thing. there are so many other beautiful fabrics that would be much more suitable.

Davids Bridal. Okay so I'm all for david's bridal for occasion dresses... or even bridesmaids dresses but not for your wedding dress. I feel like whenever i go in there it's just this in and out approach to finding your dress. Never been a big fan of thier customer service. And with david bridal stores across the country you know you are going to be in a gown that so many other brides will be in as well. And to me...thats just not something i would prefer. Finding yur dress should be special. Not a department store experience which is exactly what i feel like David's Bridal is.

Putting your bridesmaids in ugly dresses. Sigh...I honestly don't understand why in this modern age i am still seeing ugly bridesmaids dresses in hideous shades. There is no reason to making them feel and look uncomfortable. You the bride are obviously going to be the most beautiful person in the room. So please, put your brides in beautiful dresses.


Trying to do everything on your own. There is just no reason for a bride to stress herself out and try to tackle everything on her own. ESPECIALLY on her wedding day. I know sooooo many people don't even want to think about hiring a wedding coordinator, but trust me a good wedding coordinator will be able to save you money in the long run. It is well worth the investment. And the best part about hiring someone. You actually get to enjoy your wedding, along with your wedding party, family, and friends. It's a win win situation!


And finally don't loose sight of what this day really means. I always say, if a bride and groom can survive planning a wedding they are meant to be together. There is so much stress and anticipation and build up to this day that so many brides loose sight of the fact that this day boils down to one thing: promising yourself to a life together with your love. At the end of the day colors of dresses and what favors to choose don't really matter. Just keep in mind that this is about you and your partner. When you do that you truly have a wedding.


And here are just a couple what not to do's if you are a guest at a wedding this summer.

1. Do not be Late. Nothing worse then saying your vows as someone slams the door on thier way in.

2. Do not bring a guest unless you were invited to.

3. Please don't change your seating arrangements. There was thought put into where people are seated.

4. Do not get overly sloppy drunk. No one wants to see that.

5. Dress appropriately. This is not a night out at a club. This is a wedding.

Now that the world knows what I wouldn't dare do for a wedding its time to see an adorable vintage wedding video that isn't my normal preference in filming style when it comes to these things but i fell in love with its old fashion charm.
Great song and Super cute.
Happy Wedding Wednesday!!!

shanin & david from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Have a simply wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sometimes you just find yourself day dreaming or browsing the Internet looking at all the fun things that you wish you could have or want someday. And we all go through those phases of loving different things. So here are some of the things that I am loving right now. Some fancy, some simple, some silly.

Here is my omg, obsessed, totally me in a bag, must have, would have if i had an extra $700 laying around with nothing better to buy. This leather Coach bag would me mine. Sigh....

Now let me make one thing very clear. I do not like summer rain. However, I prefer it to winter rain..haha. but most of all I love that you can smell the rain coming. And i love the smell right after it has stopped raining. I know...a little silly but i do love it. And hey at least i don't have to water my plants today!

Can i say that if there were 5 great pairs of shoes in front of me and i had no idea how much they cost i would probably end up choosing the most expensive pair....anyone else do this? Just like this pair of Oscar de la Renta lace pumps....only 745..........will never be mine....but they sure are beautiful...

My latest food that ive been in love with...pineapple. Im obsessed! I used to never be that big of a fan but now its just so refreshing and delicious! My perfect summer food.

Now that I have an iPhone I have been slowly adding apps to it and seeing what is out there. I am not a huge fan of games but i must say that this Black Classic game is addicting. It reminds me of a game a i used to play as a kid and i spent way to much time on the couch last night beating my new high score of 700 and something.

I LOVE this headboard!!! I really have been wanting more of a classic upholstered headboard like the one below this beautiful ornaite one. I guess i'll just need to have two beds :)

So just a few of my silly things i'm dreaming about or loving right now.
Have a simply wonderful Tuesday.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ahhh weekends at the lake..

There is nothing that speaks summer like a beautiful sunny weekend at the lake complete with bbq and s'mores. And that is exactly how I spent my weekend. It was so nice to get away from the same old same and head out to the lake. The best part is that it’s only about a 45 minute drive to paradise. So here is how I spent my weekend……

Enjoying this beautiful view.

Sitting out on the dock reading magazines and laying out.

Nothing more refreshing then a gin and tonic :) my favorite.

Spending time with my girls who I haven't seen in foooorrreeevver :) Always fun!

Came back on Sunday afternoon with the intention on being productive around the house...but needless to say that didn't yay for a relaxing lazy weekend :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Have a simply wonderful Monday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

new look!

Still a work in progress...but do we like where the new look is going?? Still trying to decide if I like it or bare with me as I find the perfect look for simply pink :)

fill in time!

Phew! We made it to FRIDAY!!! I'm not sure what i'll be doing this weekend but hopefully the sun will stick around to make everything that much better :) Time for the blanks! Link up yourself at Little Things We Do!

1. The last thing I ate was homemade coffee cake that I got up at 6 to bake and bring into work :) don’t worry this like never happens.

2. The next thing I'd like to eat is Salmon…im obsessed with Salmon right now..a good BBQ salmon sounds AMAZING!

3. The best things are the simply things in life. Fresh cut flowers, country drives, coffee with good friends, dinner parties, kind words and walks by the river front...

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is someone loving a dinner party I’ve put on personally or one our business has put on..I have put so much into it and am very proud of it. So nice to hear people enjoy the dinners.

5. Sports are something that have kind of grown on me. Never growing up with sports being the center of anything I quickly learned sports are a big deal when you go to a division 1 school. Helllloooo BEAVER football and my personal favorite gymnastics :) My girls always make mamma proud! Go BEAVS!

6. I miss a friend who lives far a way..i wish plane tickets weren’t so expensive. And i miss a friend whos lives in the same town.

7. Right now I am just trying to get through the day, Friday’s at work can never go fast enough .

I hope everyone has a simply wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever have those days.....

Ever have those days where you start thinking about things in the past?

Things that you probably should just leave alone and just accept their fate in life. Those moments and people you wish things could have been different with? Well I recently had one of those days or have been having those days and although I know things worked out for the best sometimes it’s hard to accept their reality. For me it always tends to be the people who say straight to my face they will never leave that always end up leaving. Maybe it’s just my luck. And to be honest I don’t regret any of it but sometimes you just have those moments where you wish things could go back to a time where things once were. I know that because of all of the harder moments of life I have become the person I am, that I am able to understand what others are going through and be there for them. I know I’ve been taken advantage of and hurt many times and I’m sure those moments won’t be the last. But that’s life right? We go through things, learn and hope for the best. To be honest I have come to a place of content with my life and things that have happened in the past, and probably shouldn’t have these moments of wishing. But I suppose it’s only natural. I’m just a 20 something year old trying to figure it all out, trying to make things happen, when sometimes I just need to let things happen.

Just a few Thursday thoughts that hopefully aren't totally off the wall..

Have a simply thoughtful Thursday.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weddings Wednesday: Engagements Edition

I must say the popularity of engagement shoots makes me very happy :) These shoots are so fun and can really be exactly who the couple are. So today's Weddings Wednesday is dedicated the the engagement shoots. Here are some great pictures and moments captured.

A majority of these pictures are from Amanda Wilcher. An amazing photographer. I love her engagement shoots. So glamorous and yet simply and fun.

The next couple are from Style me Pretty.

Sigh...Love, Love, Love. Have a simply wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It’s officially summer!

I am so glad Oregon could pull it together and give us a nice sunny day! So with summer finally here it’s time to figure out what to do with it! Here are some all American essential things that make summer, summer!!

Ice Cream Cones. And yes Ice Cream in the actual Cone. Nothing better on a hot summer day.

Going to the lake. There is something so calming about sitting on a swaying dock over looking all the activities of a lake. A perfect summer day.

Smores. I don’t think you can get more summery then smores.

Picnics/ BBQ. This is what summer entertaining is all about! Nothing like bringing everyone outside around one big table to celebrate the summer.

Berries! I love berries! Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries! And that means cobblers, pies, jam and just fresh berries!

What are you looking forward too this summer??

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Excitment :)

Not going to lie. This was a pretty awesome weekend for me :)

Low key put still amazing. Let me just start from the beginning.

Saturday Morning I headed to Portland for my Summer School class. The amazing Chelsea from Frolic was teaching the class and she had some great tips for flower arranging. And although I make my own arrangements quite often this really forced me outside my normal arranging style. And I loved what I ended up with! I'll post more about this later but here is what I ended up with!

Then I headed to lunch with miss april. Love her. We were in much need of a catch up session and decided on Henry's for lunch. Talk about an amazing deal too! I had Salmon for $9!!! Are you joking me? And it was delish :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some errands and stopping at H&M. Love that place. Got a super cute skirt for $12 bucks. Great Deal! I headed back to Corvallis and had dinner with my roomie at Big River. Amazing Dinner.

Then Sunday I headed to Salem for some family time. We took a little outing to the Verizon store and we all got iPhones! Sigh...I am finally apart of the real world now...haha. It was long over due but I am so happy to finally have an iPhone. I spent about 3 hours showing the parentals how to use their phone so hopefully I have time today to get mine all customized and set up. It will be fun being able to facebook and twitter anytime anywhere!

Sadly the weekend has come to an end. And it's back to work now.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful Monday.

Friday, June 17, 2011

you know what day it is!

Wow...i have no idea where this week even went! I feel like monday was yesterday and here we are at Friday. And how nieve was I to think that this week things would slow down! More like next week things will slow down....i hope. Anyways I am super excited for the weekend! I have my flower class tomorrow! And can't wait to tell you all about it next week :) But now its time for some blanks! Link up at The Little Things We Do!

1. The last movie I saw was Bridesmaid. I must say it was disappointed. Everyone was saying it was so funny, and yes it had moments, but I guess it’s just not my type of humor.
2. I want to not be’s too nice to not be outside in the sun.

3. Surprises are exciting..and usually don’t get by me. I’ve only had about one successfully pulled off..but I love surprising others :) .

4. The best accessory is earrings, earrings, earrings. You can totally change the look and style of an outfit with earrings .

5. My favorite warm drink is a white chocolate mocha..from coffee culture..always made perfectly.

6. My favorite cold drink is hmm my go to summer drink is a passion tea lemonade..but also been obsessed with jamba juice lately. Red gummy bear’s are the best!

7. Currently loving the song Good Life by onerepublic. A perfect good feeling summer song. Also loving all my pretty flowers in plants in my back yard. Totally made things feel like summer.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful weekend! See you monday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a me date.

I must say that i have never been the one to feel awkward going to a restaurant alone or taking off and heading to the beach by myself. Sometimes you just need a little "me" time. However, I must say the thought of going to a concert alone was a little different. I really wanted to see Graham Colton, but i wasn't feeling the alone aspect. But when the day of the concert came around my love for him and his music out weighed my "alone" fears. And i must say it turned out to be quite a lovely evening.

For those of you who don't know who Graham Colton is...well get to know him...i've been a fan of his music since high school and love his new cd he has out. It's great music along with great lyrics. So here is my me date evening :)

started my drive off with a little jamba juice :) who doesn't love jamba!?

As I was parking I realized that the theater was right across the street from lolo! lolo is this amazing tapas restaurant that i've heard alot about but i am never on that side of Portland to try it. So after grabbing my ticket and some time to kill i headed across the street for a little dinner.

Ended up getting a romaine salad with a lemon vinaigrette and roasted almonds.... yum! and i was a big spender with this meal! A whole $6! Delish!

After dinner I headed across to the theater. I walk in and guess who's standing there?? Yep! Graham Colton himself :) We had a little conversation and when I told him I had driven an hour and a half to see him he told me to pick out a cd to take for free :) How sweet is that! Then we got a quick picture...i do wish we would have taken two.. Not the best picture but all well:)

since i have all of his cd's i decided to take one of his EP's. Listening to it now as i write this :)

Curtis Peoples started the night off. I love acoustic sets. I feel like if you can pull off a great acoustic set then you got it made. Nothing but you and your music. And he was amazing live!

Then it was time for Graham Colton :) I must say that I have never been to a concert where all my favorite were played. And this concert ALL of my favorites were! Probably helped that I requested two of them..and he played them :) Pretty Amazing! was a great evening and great music and a great me date. the only downer...driving back to corvallis, hitting a traffic jam due to construction and almost falling asleep 15 different times...all well it was worth it.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful Thursday :)