Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Excitment :)

Not going to lie. This was a pretty awesome weekend for me :)

Low key put still amazing. Let me just start from the beginning.

Saturday Morning I headed to Portland for my Summer School class. The amazing Chelsea from Frolic was teaching the class and she had some great tips for flower arranging. And although I make my own arrangements quite often this really forced me outside my normal arranging style. And I loved what I ended up with! I'll post more about this later but here is what I ended up with!

Then I headed to lunch with miss april. Love her. We were in much need of a catch up session and decided on Henry's for lunch. Talk about an amazing deal too! I had Salmon for $9!!! Are you joking me? And it was delish :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some errands and stopping at H&M. Love that place. Got a super cute skirt for $12 bucks. Great Deal! I headed back to Corvallis and had dinner with my roomie at Big River. Amazing Dinner.

Then Sunday I headed to Salem for some family time. We took a little outing to the Verizon store and we all got iPhones! Sigh...I am finally apart of the real world now...haha. It was long over due but I am so happy to finally have an iPhone. I spent about 3 hours showing the parentals how to use their phone so hopefully I have time today to get mine all customized and set up. It will be fun being able to facebook and twitter anytime anywhere!

Sadly the weekend has come to an end. And it's back to work now.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful Monday.

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