Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Time

Its Wedding Wednesday time. I know my obsession seems to be more about the look of weddings and how much i love the details and the celebration and so on. However, I am just as in love with the actual meaning and act of a wedding. I love a good ceremony, and a ceremony that is sentimental and made to fit the couple. The vows are always my favorite part :) The traditional vows have this historical meaning to them, and I always thought it was beautiful to be saying the words that have married so many people. However, hand written vows have the ability to touch the hearts of those who aren't even a fan of weddings. To hear the true love in the words of the bride and groom, and to see and feel exactly all they are feeling is absolutely touching. I always thought I would want the traditional vows, but I think there will be nothing more romantic and meaningful the hearing the true thoughts of my future husband. Sigh....okay...i'll stop being all sentimental now :)

On to the pretty things now.

How cute is this dessert display??! Chocolate Covered graham crackers hung by a clothes pin!?! I'm in love.

This is a great idea for a DIY photo booth! Grab your mac and have people take their pictures. The fun props are always a hit too!

cute engagement picture.

you know me and my long table obsession.

And yes, the dress is nice but LOOK AT THESE DOORS! love.

Happy Wednesday! Hope every one's day is simply amazing.

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