Monday, June 6, 2011

Wait...its Monday??

Wow. umm hello and good bye weekend! I pretty much blinked and now its monday. Anyone else have a hectic weekend? It was a fun filled weekend but I do admit i'm glad its over. Friday nite we celebrated the 21st birthday of a friend! Always fun! Saturday i was up at 6am running errands and getting things ready for Matthew's recital on Sunday. We had a Graduation BBQ on Saturday afternoon, and i came home and started the baking marathon i had that carried into Sunday morning as well. Then sunday afternoon was set up time for the concert reception, followed by the concert, then the work of the reception. It all turned out great and sadly i don't have time to find all the pictures of the reception. but i promise pics will come! I'm really happy with how my dessert table turned out. Super cute!

This picture is kind of fitting for life at the moment..except im not eating the desserts im just making millions of them..haha

And as for today. Today i am finally focusing my attention to the dinner party for 37 people i have tomorrow night. about a little bit stressful. I usually have the weekend before a dinner to really focus and get my ideas and thoughts in order but i have 24 hours to do it this time. And did i mention i work all day today? Anywhooo....thats life. I'll get through it. I may not sleep tonight but things always work out and im sure it will be as fabulous as Cinta always is :)

So happy Monday! Hopefully everyone is have a simply wonderful and not stressful day :)

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