Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: What Not To Do edition

I would like to start this post by saying that this post is purely my opinion. There have been thousands of weddings that have used the things i have listed here today and i'm sure some of them were beautiful. But here is my personal lists of things to stay away from when planning your wedding.

Tulle. Oh tulle. Now im sure there are some things that could be done with tulle that don't totally look tacky. But when i see or hear the word tulle i automatically think tacky. And normally thats what tulle ends up being. the swaying and shimmering of the fabric is just not my thing. there are so many other beautiful fabrics that would be much more suitable.

Davids Bridal. Okay so I'm all for david's bridal for occasion dresses... or even bridesmaids dresses but not for your wedding dress. I feel like whenever i go in there it's just this in and out approach to finding your dress. Never been a big fan of thier customer service. And with david bridal stores across the country you know you are going to be in a gown that so many other brides will be in as well. And to me...thats just not something i would prefer. Finding yur dress should be special. Not a department store experience which is exactly what i feel like David's Bridal is.

Putting your bridesmaids in ugly dresses. Sigh...I honestly don't understand why in this modern age i am still seeing ugly bridesmaids dresses in hideous shades. There is no reason to making them feel and look uncomfortable. You the bride are obviously going to be the most beautiful person in the room. So please, put your brides in beautiful dresses.


Trying to do everything on your own. There is just no reason for a bride to stress herself out and try to tackle everything on her own. ESPECIALLY on her wedding day. I know sooooo many people don't even want to think about hiring a wedding coordinator, but trust me a good wedding coordinator will be able to save you money in the long run. It is well worth the investment. And the best part about hiring someone. You actually get to enjoy your wedding, along with your wedding party, family, and friends. It's a win win situation!


And finally don't loose sight of what this day really means. I always say, if a bride and groom can survive planning a wedding they are meant to be together. There is so much stress and anticipation and build up to this day that so many brides loose sight of the fact that this day boils down to one thing: promising yourself to a life together with your love. At the end of the day colors of dresses and what favors to choose don't really matter. Just keep in mind that this is about you and your partner. When you do that you truly have a wedding.


And here are just a couple what not to do's if you are a guest at a wedding this summer.

1. Do not be Late. Nothing worse then saying your vows as someone slams the door on thier way in.

2. Do not bring a guest unless you were invited to.

3. Please don't change your seating arrangements. There was thought put into where people are seated.

4. Do not get overly sloppy drunk. No one wants to see that.

5. Dress appropriately. This is not a night out at a club. This is a wedding.

Now that the world knows what I wouldn't dare do for a wedding its time to see an adorable vintage wedding video that isn't my normal preference in filming style when it comes to these things but i fell in love with its old fashion charm.
Great song and Super cute.
Happy Wedding Wednesday!!!

shanin & david from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Have a simply wonderful Wednesday!

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