Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sometimes you just find yourself day dreaming or browsing the Internet looking at all the fun things that you wish you could have or want someday. And we all go through those phases of loving different things. So here are some of the things that I am loving right now. Some fancy, some simple, some silly.

Here is my omg, obsessed, totally me in a bag, must have, would have if i had an extra $700 laying around with nothing better to buy. This leather Coach bag would me mine. Sigh....

Now let me make one thing very clear. I do not like summer rain. However, I prefer it to winter rain..haha. but most of all I love that you can smell the rain coming. And i love the smell right after it has stopped raining. I know...a little silly but i do love it. And hey at least i don't have to water my plants today!

Can i say that if there were 5 great pairs of shoes in front of me and i had no idea how much they cost i would probably end up choosing the most expensive pair....anyone else do this? Just like this pair of Oscar de la Renta lace pumps....only 745..........will never be mine....but they sure are beautiful...

My latest food that ive been in love with...pineapple. Im obsessed! I used to never be that big of a fan but now its just so refreshing and delicious! My perfect summer food.

Now that I have an iPhone I have been slowly adding apps to it and seeing what is out there. I am not a huge fan of games but i must say that this Black Classic game is addicting. It reminds me of a game a i used to play as a kid and i spent way to much time on the couch last night beating my new high score of 700 and something.

I LOVE this headboard!!! I really have been wanting more of a classic upholstered headboard like the one below this beautiful ornaite one. I guess i'll just need to have two beds :)

So just a few of my silly things i'm dreaming about or loving right now.
Have a simply wonderful Tuesday.

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