Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever have those days.....

Ever have those days where you start thinking about things in the past?

Things that you probably should just leave alone and just accept their fate in life. Those moments and people you wish things could have been different with? Well I recently had one of those days or have been having those days and although I know things worked out for the best sometimes it’s hard to accept their reality. For me it always tends to be the people who say straight to my face they will never leave that always end up leaving. Maybe it’s just my luck. And to be honest I don’t regret any of it but sometimes you just have those moments where you wish things could go back to a time where things once were. I know that because of all of the harder moments of life I have become the person I am, that I am able to understand what others are going through and be there for them. I know I’ve been taken advantage of and hurt many times and I’m sure those moments won’t be the last. But that’s life right? We go through things, learn and hope for the best. To be honest I have come to a place of content with my life and things that have happened in the past, and probably shouldn’t have these moments of wishing. But I suppose it’s only natural. I’m just a 20 something year old trying to figure it all out, trying to make things happen, when sometimes I just need to let things happen.

Just a few Thursday thoughts that hopefully aren't totally off the wall..

Have a simply thoughtful Thursday.

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