Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my best! :)

Today is my one of my best and oldest friend's birthday. Miss Sammie is turning 23! :) It's so weird because 22 comes along and its like And for some reason knowing that we are all starting to turn 23 is just like oh...i guess we are growing up..haha..okay stupid but think about weird things like that...haha

Anyways.... Sammie and I met back in middle school...i want to say in 6th grade?..maybe 7th...we used to eat lunch together and then as we went into high school we got to know each other more and before you know it she was my bestie :) I introduced her to Nordstrom anniversary sales... we had hundreds of Starbucks trips and DP's (dance parties). We've been through thick and thin together and even though our lives get hectic and busy I always know that she will be there for me. I feel like you can always tell a strong friendship by how long you havn't seen someone and when you are with them again you just start back up right where you let off. And there is something about knowing someone for so long and that history you have with them that makes you that much closer.

So to Sammie.... you have turned out to be one of the most beautiful, selfless, kind hearted people I know. Someone who works hard and has such a great heart for others. I love you so much its ridiculous and I can't wait to see where we end up in life :) because where ever that is i know i'll have you in my life :)

Happy 23rd My Love!!!

Have a simply wonderful Thursday :)

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