Wednesday, April 17, 2013

remember when i used to blog?

this has been a weird year. some of the things that used to be apart of my everyday routine are no longer apart of my routine. and some of those habits are better left by the wayside but some of the habits, like this blog, i wish were sill apart of my daily routine. I miss coming here and rambling on about things that probably one even cared to read about but regardless i do miss the little blog world i created. I barely even have time to keep up with my long list blogs that i love reading! I have finally come to terms with the fact that i am no longer going to be blogging daily or even multiple times a weeks. However, i am aiming to not be silent forever. I still want to share what i am up to and the different events i am working on. 

So today you get to see some of the detail pictures from a work event that happened last month. Leah Banick Photography did a great job with our photobooth and even got a couple shots of the room and our fun dessert bar. Take a look! 

Over all i am so happy with how this event turned out. It was a huge learning experience for me but i think it might be one of my favorite events to be involved in at my day job. 

Hope you have a simply wonderful Wednesday. 

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