Tuesday, March 26, 2013

my must have beauty products

One of my monthly splurges is subscribing to two different beauty sample services,  Birchbox, and Ipsy. Each month i get a variety of different beauty products, from hair products, make-up, fragrance samples and much more. A lot of them are fun to try but I never end up ever ordering a full size. However, there are now a handfull of things that I have discovered through these subscriptions and still a handfull of things that have just always been staples in my beauty drawer. I love seeing what other people use and swear by so i figured i would share my absolute must haves when it comes to the basics of my beauty products.

1. Pixi- Flawless & Poreless: the BB cream/ face primers are everywhere right now and i have been lucky to be able to sample a lot of them. However some of the AMazing ones are $40-60 for a little tube and that is a little out of my price range. This one works just as well but at a fraction of the cost. $29

2. My go to lotion is Vaselines Coco Butter: Its the perfect after shower lotion and doesn't feel sticky or greasy. And its a bargin at $9

3. Beauty Blend: i am obsessed with these foundation sponges. the shape is perfect and they last FOREVER. $25

4. Mary Kay Eye Primer: this stuff will ensure that the nasty crease you get after a long day at work doesn't exist. and bonus it also lasts forever, a little goes a long way $14

5. Renewal Skin Oil: For those stubborn dry spots or just to have your skin feeling super hydrated this stuff will totally rock your world. I like to use it before bed so it has all night to soak in $16

6. Origins Clear Improvement: this is one my my newest obsessions. this mask is AMAZing. You can see and feel the difference after one use. Its a little pricy but totally worth it $25

7. Bombshell eyeliner: I was always a huge fan of the gel eyeliners but this just simplified everything for me. no need for a brush and i can do a super thin line or super thick and its super easy to control $16

i really do not think i could live without these basics anymore. they make make up look better, my skin look WAY better, and keep me feeling good :) what are your favorite products? 

Hope you have a simply FABulous Tuesday! 

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