Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a much needed weekend to play

Sometimes you just need a weekend where you let yourself just have some fun. A weekend where you don't make yourself feel bad about not getting the house perfectly cleaned, a weekend where you don't feel guilty just laying around. It is exactly what i did this weekend and it was FANtastic! my weekend was full of cocktails, a little shopping, lunch with family, and time with good friends and its exactly what i needed. and giving myself a 3 day weekend meant i even got a few of those chores done yesterday but on my own schedule and with many breaks :) Remind me why we can't institute 3 day weekends as the new norm????

Friday night i got to have a little late night happy hour with a good friend who is going to be leaving corvallis soon. Downward Dog is always the perfect spot for these kind of outings :) 

got a to good to be true deal on some amazing banana republic earrings...like i was giddy all day saturday because of my new earrings...actually lets be real...im still giddy

Saturday night i got to spend time with these lovely ladies

and this silly kid 

if you haven't noticed we were obviously celebrating St Patricks day ...why else would we all be wearing green??

i heart her
sunday morning we went out for breakfast and kept our orange soda tradition alive....yep orange soda for breakfast..its amazing..you should try it sometime 

and yesterday i recouped. i organized my closet, hit the gym, and cooked every meal i had yesterday.
it was just what i needed.
and today we are back to reality. and kind of jealous of all the kids who are finishing up finals and going on spring break...because 3 days was so not enough time

Hope you have a simply wonderful tuesday! 

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