Monday, March 25, 2013

a GREAT weekend to be a beaver!

What a weekend for OSU Athletics. Campus was buzzing with people all weekend long with the many sporting events going on here. However, this weekend was all about the PAC 12 Gymnastics Championship. And all i can say is WOW.....w.o.w. This meet was out of control crazy amazing. It was one of those meets that you honestly did not know what the outcome was going to be until our last girl went. It was so close from event to event but guess what?! WE WON! And i am so proud of how this team did this year! They were off to a bit of a rocky start but boy did they just improve every single week. And all of that hard work paid off this weekend. It was so exciting to have this meet hosted in our home and made it just that much sweeter. I am so excited for these ladies and can't wait to see them perform at Regionals in a couple weeks. 

gotta love the super fans/ proud mammas 

all of the pac 12 teams that competed getting ready for the awards ceremony 

we were kinda a mess during the whole meet. thank goodness i had someone to hold onto 

its pretty huh :)

so proud of this one! yay! 

It was truly a night to remember and not only did they win but they also set a new school record with a score of 197.85! It truly was one amazing night to be a beaver! 

Hope everyone has a simply great monday! 

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