Monday, March 4, 2013

a little excited

Owning a small business is sometimes really hard, and seriously it is a constant learning experience for me. Every. Single. Day. However, there are also some really amazing things that happen every once in awhile that make the hard work worth it. 

One of those things was being accepted into the whole sale flower mecca of Portland, The Portland Flower Market. I have always known of the portland flower market, and that you had to be on a certain level to even be considered. You must meet a list of requirements and i honestly hadn't even looked into it until a few months ago because i thought there is no way i could meet them. However, the flower side of my business is ever so slightly starting to grow. Its an area that i never had anticipated doing but a side that i am starting to really fall in love with. And this last week something really cool happened. I got my pass into the Portland Flower Market. Needless to say i am a little excited, no actually im SUPER excited. It is a sense of relief to have a place i can purcahse and order flowers from that isn't a grocery store! i know, a little embarrassing, but i have totally done conference centerpieces all from flowers i have purchased at the local grocery store. But lets be real, where else am i going to find fresh flowers in OREGON, in the winter months???? Exactly, enter the dilema i have been having the last 6 months. After my most recent floral job something had to changed. With a few floral jobs already on my calendar this is truly a blessing. Only thing i wish I could change? I wish i didn't live an hour and a half away from it but i guess its the price i pay for living in a small town with limited resources. 

So this weekend instead of sleeping in saturday morning, i just couldn't help myself. I drove up I5 early in the morning and made my first trip. And it was A-MAZING! Rows of vases, ribbon, and everything you could ever need for flowers, and apparently the big refrigerated room of flowers was quite sparse for it being the end of the week, but honestly, its more access then ive had previously so i can only imagine what it looks like on a delivery day. 

im excited. :) This past week was a good one for Cinta Events. I got into the flower market, my new photo books came from my big summer events of last year, and I finally invested in some business cards that i actually like and plan on using for a long time. 

early morning drives require coffee beverages 

uhh yea...see why im already obsessed? 

was having lunch with my grandma on my way home so picked up a few flowers and made her a little arrangement. 

Hope you have a simply fabulous Monday! 

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