Wednesday, February 27, 2013


wheat. i like wheat. i like bread, pastas....lets be real, all things glutenous. however, one area that i normally don't use wheat in is my floral arrangements. but this last week i had the challenge of doing centerpieces for a Moore Family Center conference, a center that was funded by Bob's Red Mill. I am sure you recognize this name because you can find him in grocery stores everywhere around here. Anyways last week i needed to come up with 33 centerpieces that included the use of wheat. i ordered a giant box of wheat and when it came i opened it up, stared at it, then closed the box and walked away. Wondering, what on earth am i going to do with wheat. i tend to have this bad habit over over thinking things sometimes, especially when it comes to flowers. The last giant floral job i had i sat staring at buckets of flowers for a good couple hours before i finally made any progress on the 75 flower arrangements i needed to make. In my perfect world i would have tripple the amount of wheat, triple the amount of budget and make these full gorgeous arrangements with wheat worked in with the flowers. However, conferences have budgets so we went with a much simpler approach to things. 

Hand tied wheat bunches, and simple white flowers, and everything housed in mason jars. I pretty much wanted it to look like you went into your field, grabbed a handfull of wheat, and flowers and threw them into mason jars. Something homey and simple. To really hammer home the grain theme i also filled the mason jars with a variety of small grains. It A. acted as a way to keep the wheat standing up in a perfect position, and B. added a little out of the box interest to things. 

At the end of the day i was happy with how things turned out. i honestly have moments where i really wonder if i can pull something off but thankfully it really does always work out. phew! Here are a few pictures for you!

hope you have a simply wonderful wednesday 

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