Tuesday, February 19, 2013

more social media

Just when you think you have enough social media sites and apps to keep track of someone comes up with something new. I recently got on board with Vine...the new video twitter app that gives you 6 seconds of start and stop video to record the moments of your life that are interesting or not so interesting. I basically signed up just so i could see what it was all about. because frankly i dont think i have anything interesting in my life to video. However, its a cleaver concept and i wouldn't be surprised if this thing catches on in the near future. 

Another new site is ArchetypeMe. To me it's pretty much pinterest but way more in depth.  You create an account and take a test where it measures basically your interest and behaviors and spits out the areas you are most interested in. It then generates tabs in each of those areas and pulls websites, pictures, articles and other things that pertain to the different categories. However, the point is to basically add different articles you find to this site...you are pretty much pinning them like you would in pinterest. Why on earth would you want another pinterest? I know i kind of thought the same thing but it is more then just visual stimulation.  This site brings a visual aspect as well as more information and different types of information then what you would normally see in pinterest. I guess you could call this a more intellectual pinterest. Like pinterest it has a "me" button that you can add so you can save websites or articles you find interesting as your browse...you can browse what others have posted or what different Archetype categories bring up. It's kind of interesting. Not going to lie i was not a big fan when i heard of it but after taking the test, seeing the results, and playing around with it, i kind of like it. Will it become a new social media obsession of mine? Maybe not, but I definitely can see myself visiting the site here and there. 

And even if you dont plan on using it the test results were surprisingly right on point. 31% Creative, 30% Caregiver, 19% Visionary. That pretty much sums up me. I love to create, i am always taking care of something, but part of me is always thinking about what i can do better. 

Has anyone else tried out these new social media outlets? 

Hope you have a simply inspring tuesday 

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