Thursday, February 7, 2013

neon obsessions

i love bright colors. well let me scratch that i love color period. but it's almost like feb 1st hit and i NEEDED neons to be apart of my life ASAP. so i went and painted my nails bright pink, bought some outrageously bright flats, and a neon top.... and i feel oh so much better about life now. sometimes you just need some brightness in your life, especially when you live in grey ole Oregon.

 a couple of the neon gems i picked up recently 

my new brightly colored shoes 

my new pink nails and jcrew gorgeous clutch from my bestie

a couple things i would love to add to my neon collection

sources found here

how crazy are those hot pink pants??! i dont know if i could ever pull them off 
but they sure are darn cute! 

hope you have a simply cheerful thursday! 

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