Monday, February 18, 2013

wait we are already half way through february?

i honestly have no idea where this month has gone. i looked at the calendar this morning and some how its the 18th?! What?! It would be absolutely safe to say that the last couple weeks have been...hell...i mean hectic. i had one of my biggest events of the year Chinese New Year, had a wisdom tooth driving me nuts which ended up in emergency extraction on valentines day, celebrated with ice cream, made a pretty flower arrangement for someone, and finally had a little fun with some good friends. its been quite the month and i honestly just need this month to end already. it has been fast but super hectic and busy. i am ready for just a new month and a fresh start. but for now i am focusing on the next project. 32 flower arrangements for a conference this week and the kicker? i need to incorporate wheat. yep, thats right wheat...

here is what i've been up to lately...

pretty red tulips for Chinese New year 
A LOT OF CNY prep happened

along with some testing ( Chinese Scallion Pancake)

cny = red and lots of it! 
made an alterative valentines day bouquet for a much deserving wife i work with from her hubby
spent my valentines day at the dentist, on the couch watching movies, and thankfully ended it with a great friend date that included blizzards :) 

got to spend time with some old friends i don't get to see that often  
and now i am in a sea of wheat....wondering what im going to do with these 32 arrangements... lets hope i think of something and think of something fast. 

 what has everyone else been up to?

hope you have a simply wonderful monday. 

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