Tuesday, March 12, 2013

where do i start

where do i even start with the last couple of weeks....lets just say that its been a little hectic and by little i means EXTREMELY hectic. But a good hectic! A im so tired, not enough sleep, to much coffee, but at the end of the day totally worth it kind of hectic. This last weekend marked the 8th annual Apothecary Ball, a fundraiser that our students put on every year to raise money for all of the many things they participate in from outreaches to conferences. And this year I was heavily involved in the production of this event. This was the first year we held this event in the Center for Health And Healing, our second campus that is up in Portland. This space normally acts as a lobby meaning that everything had to be brought in. Stage, tables, linens, decor, and everything in-between. With over 200 people attending this was no small feat. This years event included a live jazz band, photo booth, private tram rides with even a fun hot chocolate bar at the top and of course silent auction.Thankfully with an amazing student committee we absolutely pulled off a successful event. however, a week with over 72 hours of work put in means i am one tired lady. Thankfully i have had a couple of nights of sleep and feel like i am slowly starting to function again.  

Now that this whole thing is over, i must say that fundraising is HARD. it's really hard. and i have never been involved in something like this before and although it is really hard it also is really rewarding. I also feel like i have now officially hit every kind of event planning. from weddings, and social events, to conferences, work events, graduations, award ceremonies and now fundraising. And i think i might be crazy but i truly love each and every area of events. I obviously prefer events where i can be a little more creative but there is something fun and special about each area.

And regardless of the event there really is nothing like waking up that next morning with yes, tired feet, but always total completely sense of content and happiness. It takes a lot of work to make something look effortless and smooth. and this weekend that is exactly what we did. 

I will be sure to post the professional pictures when i get them but for now here are a few shots from some people who attended. I was so busy running around all night that i didn't even have time to take a couple iphone pictures! 
we were so lucky to have a perfectly clear day and night on saturday. made for a stunning view on the tram

we even were able to get the tram in Orange :) go beavs :) 

had an amazing photo booth thanks to Leah Banick Photography! Can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! 

great silent auction items 

yummy dessert bar

the leading ladies! these girls did an outstanding job! so proud of them! 

and now its back to reality.. this week is about getting back into my beloved routine, cleaning house, and catching up. event weeks are always so crazy that it feels so nice to be back to "normal" 

Hope everyone has a simply fabulous Tuesday! 

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