Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

can we believe that the holiday season is here?! christmas decorations are gracing the isles of stores, red cups are in distribution, and I have been failing at not listening to Christmas music. i love the holiday's. and although it's fun to skip right to Christmas, Thanksgiving comes first.

i have so much to be thankful for this year. this has been a pretty amazing year and i am truly so blessed

One of the biggest things i am thankful for is finally being content in my current job and location. the last couple years i have been itching to get out and move on from little ole Corvallis and finally this last spring it all just clicked. And i found myself asking why? Why am i pushing to leave when i love what i do here at the college, when i am still able to pursue my little business, and when i have come to really adore this little town. I have been so focused on moving on that once i finally took a step back and realized uhhh you kinda have it made right now. For this particular time in my life this is where i need to be and im totally content with that. and it feels amazing

I am thankful for old and new friends. Still being in Corvallis means that a lot of my friends have moved back home, or across the country and i don't have my solid little group around me all the time. i am thankful that even with busy schedules and life when i finally am able to catch up with friends it's like we were never separated. i have come to cherish the dinners, visits, shows, vacations and little events that bring everyone together again. And thankful for new friends that have made this last year amazing.

I have also been blessed with meeting someone very special this year. It's true what they say...when you least expect it someone will walk into your life who takes your breathe away. And i truly think i might be the luckiest girl around.

The list of what im thankful for could go on and on. I am so happy to be back home for the weekend celebrating this great holiday and taking a moment to actually think about what this holiday means and not just about the great food and shopping. My heart is heavy with love and gratitude for all that has happened this year and i can only hope that you have been as blessed as i have been.

Wishing you a simply blessed and thankful thursday

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