Tuesday, November 5, 2013

so happy to see November

You know when life is so crazy that you literally just want to fast forward a day or so just so you can get to the weekend? Well thats how i felt about the entire month of October. I was just wishing i could skip the endless hours of work and stress and end up on the other side in lovely calm November. However, that is SO not how life works and instead i put in a bazillion hours of work, was stressed to the max, cranky, sleepy, and just plain exhausted. But there is good news.... There were a total of 12 events that happened in October and these were not small, order cookies and lemonade and call it a day events. These were all complex and complicated and although my love for events runs deep this was just plain a lot. And the good news is that they all went great. Obviously with any event there are always things i wish i could go back and tweak but over all there were no massive disasters. Phew! Talk about relief. So you now can see why i am SO thrilled to turn the calendar to November where things are a lot less hectic. 

So what exactly was i working on? Well here is a little pictures timeline for ya! Oh and of course i attempted to squeeze in a life as well..yep..packed month 

White Coat Ceremony 
Benefactors Reception 

made my annual trip to the pumpkin patch! 

The students had their annual Luau! 

celebrated my besties new home!

headed up to portland for work for a weekend. not a bad view from the hotel though 

had lots of early mornings and late nights and lived off coffee
the weekend in portland consisted of three events. My favorite was our OSU Alumni Reception.
 Any excuse to have some fun with decor. 
we even had specialty cocktails in orange and with my favorite straws
we named it Beaver Crush and is now available at the Marriott downtown if you ever want to try one!  

and in the midst of craziness received the most beautiful bouquet of roses from my boy :)
so blessed. 
then we built a float for homecoming! 

even benny stopped by to have a seat in our beaver lodge living room

great group of students worked hard to pull it all together 

Then it was reunion time! 

we also held our annual COP football and pharmacy social at squirrels 

game day consisted of a recent grad reunion and a deans coffee

but by the end of the day i was D.O.N.E. and obviously totally happy to be at the game and done with october events

sorry for the picture overload! 

Hope you have a simply wonderful tuesday! 

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