Monday, July 2, 2012


i love breakfast. and today i'm talking about it! 

this last week a co-worker was talking about house sitting/ chicken sitting. Yes, chicken sitting. With a friend out of a town she had to make sure the chickens stuck to their daily routine and that included some recess time to roam the yard. Along with being a great friend and keeping an eye on things she also got the bonus of having some fresh eggs. I had to admit that I had never had a fresh, organic straight from the farm egg. She raved about how wonderful they are and that you could noticeably tell the difference. So while at the farmers market this weekend I noticed the amazing Afton Field Farm selling eggs. I decided to see what all the fuss was about and grabbed a dozen. I went home, and made a spinach, pesto, and mozzarella omelet. And I am here to say that it was absolutely to DIE FOR. And she was right there is a noticeable difference. I honestly was amazed. I didn't think there could be that much of a difference. But there was and I am now a believer! 

On another breakfast note. Do you like fruit loops? I mean who doesn't like fruit loops. They are amazing and instantly remind me of my childhood. Well a couple weekends ago we were at Bartini and sitting behind the bar was a box of fruit loops. I naturally asked what he used those for and next thing I know he was placing before me a bottle of "Loop" vodka. Thats right! Fruit loop vodka!!! I was naturally super excited and he let us have a little taste of it. We instantly decided we needed whatever cocktail he had come up with using this amazingness. He then produced a martini topped with fruit loops and mini spoons. pretty much heaven in a glass. It seriously tasted like I was having breakfast but with a bit of a kick. I don't know about you but this would be one heck fo a way to start your day. Almost a little to tempting ;) 

the cocktail is made with Loopy and Half and Half

Anyone else have some breakfast favorites?

Hope you have a simply marvelous monday! 

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