Monday, July 30, 2012

weekends adventures

weekends are a time for adventure. what is my idea of adventure? going to an antique flea market, getting local amazing ice cream, and cleaning my garage. edge of your seat kinda stuff huh? and in every spare crack of time i was focused on the wedding. regardless it was a great weekend. I was able to have a little fun and get a lot done. but in usual weekend fashion its never enough time to mark everything off my list. but i do feel a lot more prepared and organized for the month ahead of me. Here are some snapshots of my "adventurous" weekend. 

the mrs collins hanger came in! how adorable right?! 
The Barn House antique and flea market was heaven on earth! 

loved these pendent lights and who wasn't in love with the amazing arrow sign!? 

also loved these wire cones with moss in inspiration for sure!  

after the show we were in need of some cooling off. what better way then with a trip to
Salt & Straw!? Worth the wait around the block 
i settled for the classic salted carmel and lavender blueberry sorbet. to. die. for.  
the rest of my weekend was full of errands and spending over 4 hours  organizing my beloved garage. 
And here we are back at monday again. My week is jam packed of dinner prep and testing! 

Hope everyone has a simply great monday! 

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