Monday, July 23, 2012


for some reason i am just exhausted and the week has barely even begun. i thought for the most part i had a somewhat low key weekend but apparently not low key enough. I have 4 events/ dinners in the next month and the menus, details, decor elements, and flowers for all of them are swirling around in my brain. and to top it off i woke up yesterday with a sore throat and sniffles. needless to say i am downing the water and even took some dayquil in hopes to rid myself of getting any sicker. i literally just do not have time to be sick. period. any-who....enough of my is some of the fun from the weekend! 

had some bod ball fun

had some bbq and dancing fun (not really sure why we felt the need to squint)
made and delivered a birthday flower arrangement
spent some time at my favorite rental store....are these not adorable? they are going to be perfect for the wedding im doing next month. 

chalkboarded everything i could get my hands on
paid a little visit to my mamma and her mini garden 

made 4 different types of cold soup for my beautiful bride to test
 (i know...cold soup? it was good, i promise)
hope everyone has a simply wonderful monday! 

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