Monday, September 24, 2012


this past year i had a couple big milestone family birthdays that had me going through old family pictures. so many pictures and so many memories. Some I don't even remember, but i love going through them. I love that my grandma had put together an album with pictures of my dad growing up and him is a kid and old football newspaper articles with him featured. i even found his old year books from high school and i loved going through and reading all the messages that people had written to him. So many words of encouragement and love for him. it's weird but it brings me comfort to see all those messages. it also makes me feel kinda closer to him in some way. as of yesterday it has been 15 years since he has passed. 15 years and there are times where it seems like it has been a lifetime and times where it seems like yesterday. as usual it's a time for reflection and a time to remember and as i sat and went through old pictures last night i couldn't help of feel proud of the man he was. he was able to do so much in the time he was here. He lived a full and honorable life. Someone to be proud and someone I am proud to call my dad.

hope everyone has a simply memorable monday. 

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