Thursday, September 27, 2012

tailgate envy

there are days where I seriously wish i had more free time on my hands. actually, more like everyday i wish i had more free time. but i do wish i had more time to bake little treats and cute little football shaped things for tailgating purposes. my obsession with tailgating is pretty recent. I wasn't really ever able to tailgate until last year. And i should have known I would become obsessed with it. It is just another form of entertaining. Now that I am into tailgating I have started to realize how many amazing tailgating items are out there. Being a total and complete Oregon State fan it is obvious that everything must be orange and black. That is just a given. My collection of tailgating materials and goodies is slowly growing. But there are some truly amazing tailgating accessories out there. From great canopies, games, and fun pop up bars. Needless to say, i have a bit of tailgate envy. Someday right? Here are just a few things I would die for this tailgating season! 

you have to look the part for these things. so i obviously need to get a jersey 
how awesome is this galvanized tailgate tub with a bottle opener attach?!

i am loving this cube cooler with stand. functional and obviously sporting the orange and black

every tailgate obviously needs a bar. no explanation required  

the 1st thing on my tailgating must purchase asap list is a canopy. I am borrowing one for our tailgates at the moment but desperately need to just purchase my own. 

i love football season. and i love tailgating. already getting excited for next weeks home game! 

Hope everyone has a simply spirited thursday! 

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