Monday, September 10, 2012

instagram life update

wow...i have no idea where this summer has even gone. all of the sudden we are nearing mid September and this weather today is reminding us all of what is to come for us Oregonians. Here I thought I might have a couple weeks of down time before things got busy again but that didn't exactly happen. So here are some instagram life moments from the last couple weeks. I guess i'll find time to relax come November...or December...i hope.

now that i live with two boys i was told to pick an NFL team...of course the NFL site has games that you can play to determine what team you should cheer for. These were the top three picks for me.
Apparently I am going with the Chargers! 

found a great new pair of nude heels! 

finally got to have a fun night out 

found this adorable Fairy Cupcake Kit

HAD to get my niece and nephew into some Oregon State gear! 

made Chocolate Peanut butter cupcakes for my niece!
(that "cookie" on top is actually frosting...i know...amazing!) 

iphone photo shoot with little miss Ovidah 

its finally TAILGATING SEASON!!! 

and GUESS who won against Wisconsin!!! WE DID! 

Had an amazing day with the roomies! Was a great way to start of the season!
Go Beavs! 

finally made it into starbucks for the amazing pumpkin spice. i love this time of year 
it's been busy but i do have to admit that there has been plenty of fun going on as well! 
enjoying this last bit of summer. before you know it the students will be back and school will start and the most hectic time of year at the office will already has begun. 

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful Monday! 

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