Thursday, November 1, 2012

full of thanks - part 1

does anyone else find themselves getting worked up about life, ourselves, our neighbors, the dog, pretty much everything under the sun and having those moments where you forget about how much you actually do have? we all find ourselves wishing we had this, or wanting that. It is human nature to want something better then what we have and to always be looking at the future. i know i get so caught up in life sometimes that i forget to take a moment to realize how much i do have. how blessed i am and how thankful i really should be. November holds one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. Last year i dedicated the november thursday's for a time of reflection of what i am thankful for and i think i will do the same this year. i really do have so much i am thankful for but i think i am about to be really aware of the little and big things i am thankful for. 

my goal this month: to be full of thanks. i have a long list of people in my life that make things so much more enjoyable. that make this journey of life bearable and exciting and sometimes i think all of us take the ones closest to us for granted. This month i want to make sure they know how much they really do mean to me. i am not good at phone calls, email updates, or cards, but this month i am going to make an effort. i real effort to say thank you.

hope you have a simply thoughtful thursday. 

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