Friday, November 16, 2012

Tailgating Survival Kit

not really sure how we are back at Friday but I sure am happy about it! this weekend is a beaver home game meaning one thing. Tailgating Time! We only have two home games left and of course now that we are at the end of the season I am just starting to really get the hang of this whole tailgating thing. I look back at my first couple games this year and think about how hectic I was on game day mornings and totally not prepared. And i hate not being prepared in entertainment type situations. The best thing i did this tailgating season was make a Tailgating Survival kit. pretty much insures we have all our basics readying and waiting for each game. And they all live in a nice orange Go Beavs container.

Essential Basics:

1. Eating Supplies: plates/ napkins/ plastic utensils. I bought a set of utensils that came in a plastic reusable container. Makes it so much easier to refill and keep them clean and organized. And don't forget a wine opener/ bottle opener. Would be a shame not to have one of these on hand. 

2. Cleaning Supplies: Garbage bags are a must! I have made the mistake of forgetting to add these in one week and it was such a pain! I also have along clorox wipes, paper towel, and hand wipes

3. Table essentials: plastic table covers are the best thing ever for tailgates. They can get dirty/ spilled on/ stained and all i do is wrap the whole thing up at the of the day and throw it away. Can clean up be any easier?! Plastic trays make for better presentation and are easy to clean. 

4. Weatherproof: I also have a few ponchos and hand warmer sets in the container. You never know what conditions you are going to end up with in Oregon. Better to just be prepared then soaked. 

5. The Fun Stuff: We usually take part in some beer pong competitions so a set of Beaver pong balls are always with us. We also bring along a gallon of water to fill cups with. I have also added a set of battery operated lights to the container. These late games mean it is dark mid way through our tailgate festivities. Festive lights do the trick!  

Hope you all have a simply fantastic weekend! 

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