Monday, November 5, 2012

i need a party

two things. 
thing 1 - i need a party to plan
thing 2 - i want to have a christmas party
thing 3- i need a bigger house 

okay, so i guess that was 3 things. I have had a couple months off from intense party/ dinner party planning. and although i have been busy with work events things have started to calm down and i am starting to have that itch to entertain. or plan someone else's entertaining. the holiday's are in full swing and with christmas decorations and music in stores a whole month before we even hit thanksgiving, i can't help but get excited about what amazing holiday parties you could have. i would solve this whole dilemma by just planning my own holiday shin-dig but my current house does not allow for fancy cocktail and dinner parties. In these moments i still wished i lived in my old house with plenty of space for christmas parties. for now i just day dream about these things. it doesn't help that i came across the cutest holiday invitations at Tiny Prints. It is taking everything in me to not plan a tiny dinner party just so i have an excuse to order some of these adorable invitations. 

inspired yet? i know i am. 

Hope you have a simply wonderful monday! 

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