Thursday, December 27, 2012


the countdown is on. 2013 is now only days away, and has anyone else had the, it's going to be 2013?! moment yet? i know i have. i honestly do not know how this year has already come and gone. but i am super excited to actually be ringing in the new year with great friends, and some sparkle. one of the parties on my list of Must Throw at some point in my life, is a New Years Eve Party. It won't be happening this year.  However, it still doesn't stop me from dreaming about throwing one. In my head i see sequins, gold, sparkle, champagne, and sparklers. Wait, i think i see that in every party i want to throw right now. But these are all must have elements in a new years party. Here is what i came up with. 

sources on my pinterest! 

anyone else getting excited about new years? i know i am! 

hope you have a simply fantastic thursday! 

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