Monday, December 17, 2012

spreading christmas cheer for all to hear

i love christmas. and i love parties. i have been in my current house for the last 4 christmas's and the last 4 christmas's i haven't been able to throw my big lavish dinner parties like i had done for the 3 years prior to this current getting old. anyways my new home doesn't have the ideal huge space to bring in tables and do a big dinner but i can mange to have a more casual fun Christmas party and thats exactly what i ended up doing this year. i tried to keep things low key but with a twist of Cinta Flair. For this party i threw out the fancy stuff and went with fun, classic, and casual. I had a request of "festive" attire. Meaning anything from your ugly christmas sweater, elf costume, or something a little nicer, and boy did we have a wide range of festiveness. it was great. The big hit of the night was my roommates hand made Buddy the Elf costume that he made all by himself using just a hot glue gun. No sewing at all was used in the making of this fantastic costume. Champagne cocktails, yummy treats, and a classic white elephant gift exchange made for a perfect saturday evening and a great way to celebrate with friends before we all start heading home for the holidays. 


how great does our Buddy the elf look?!

the hot white elephant gift of the night! 

our roomie christmas picture

don't you just love the holidays? i know i do. 

Hope you have a simply festive monday!