Monday, December 10, 2012

perfect saturday's

there are some days that are just ultimate perfection. and i had one of those days this weekend. i took a day to do exactly whatever i wanted to do. and it was amazing. i am such a loner sometimes. as much as i love being around others i am one of those people who needs to take some time to just be alone. 

there seems to always be all of these fun portland events that go on and living a good hour and half away means that i dont always get to attend. However there were two things going on in Portland this weekend that i wanted to attend. The Give Good Gift pop up show, and the Portland Bazaar. And i did exactly that. i headed up to portland and took my time browsing both shows. it was absolute bliss. the only thing that could have made it better would have been having some extra cash to buy some the amazing things i found. i wanted everything! typical...but i was reserved and just enjoyed the experience. i walked into the first show, Give Good Gift, and felt like i had walked into the definition of Portland/ Portlander. The new event space screamed portland and it was filled with booths of Handmade jewelry, giant and tiny little terrariums, pendelton, beer, and everything portland-ish. Complete with food carts outside of both shows. don't worry i absolutely had lunch at one of them. it was absolute perfection. 

i then got to tour West Coast Event Productions. dream heaven. from the room with specialty linens lining the walls to the huge warehouse full of props, linens, catering supplies, and even a whole row dedicated to candelabras! i was in pure heaven. it was so fun to see one of the companies that i completely admire and look up to. They have one talented and creative team over there! 

I then ended the day with Happy Hour with two of my favorite people. my roomie and my bestie. i had been told to try our Pink Rose in the pearl and it was A-MAZING! like so good that i think we may be returning there for my birthday dinner in January. The food was great and the specialty cocktails were unique and delicious! 

my day officially ended with salt and straw ice cream. i mean, you have to top off a perfect day with ice cream right? sometimes it is nice to have a day where things just all fall into place and you get a day with no timelines, and restrictions but a day to just explore. and thats exactly what i did. and today i feel refreshed. it was kinda a none stop weekend but it was so fun that i dont even miss the fact that i didn't exactly get to sleep in.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful monday 

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