Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I must start by apologizing for my complete absence from this blog the last month. I am completely in love with the blog world and every day I look forward to reading the amazing words of others. The blog world continues to keeps me inspired in every way. And lately I have been coming to this little world I have created and feeling so uninspired and just blank. I stare at the screen with the blinking cursor and just freeze. This blog was started because i wanted a place to share my thoughts, events, and the simplicities of every day life. And maybe it's the fact that this past month has been so simple and so low key that i almost don't know what to do with myself. This past month has been about renewal, about focus, and discipline and about working some of the nitty gritty things out. Things that aren't necessarily fun to talk about in the pretty little blog world. But i am determined to reposition some of this new found focus into this blog. So bare with me. I already have a feeling that this year is going to push me into some new territory and although I often times resist big changes I am going to try my best to roll with the punches and continue to document my little life right here. 

so what fun/ boring things have i been up to the last couple weeks? 

cleaning my garage...i know...that picture on the left is mortifying and i can't believe i even posted it but my garage houses so much event stuff and after a busy fall it just builds up until you can't walk anymore. i still have some more organizing to do but at least there is walking space now :) 

drinking wine...even red wine... im slowly starting to love it
been living at the gym in the evenings. and you will never believe it but i've actually grown to enjoy my time here 
attended my first basketball game of the season

joined anyone else on this? still trying to get the hang of it but i can already see that it might become a new social media addiction 

and my biggest accomplishment this month has been LEGALLY transferring my business from Cinta Dinners to Cinta Events. I now officially own the name, am registered with the state, and have a new tax ID. All just in time for my first event of the year coming up in two weeks. 

So maybe not a completely low key month...i guess it has been productive... My day job has been keeping me super busy and I have been able to keep up the productiveness outside of the office as well. well shoot...i guess 2013 is off to a pretty darn good start :) 

hope you have a simply wonderful Wednesday! 

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