Tuesday, January 15, 2013

taking the time

I must say that i am loving how 2013 is starting out. it feels great to have a new sense of focus and concentration on what i want to accomplish this next year. And this year I am trying to take my goals a little more seriously. 

Lara Casey, of Making Brands Happen is responsible for rebranding some amazing creative businesses. From wedding coordinators and designers to photographers and everything in between  She turns a business into a complete focused brand in every aspect. And at the beginning of 2013 she started a new series on her blog called Making Things Happen 2013 Goal Setting. Basically talking through how to successfully set goals and really diving into things much deeper. She has people analyzing what happened in the past year, thinking about what worked, what did not work. What makes you happy, what brings you stress, and really coming up with a complete vision for 2013. 

I must say that i have never been a big resolution person, but i do like goals. And my little business really needs some direction and focus on my part. The last couple of years i have just been flailing around, going with the flow and it is time to just focus on where I ideally want things to go. I am sharing this because going through the steps that she has laid out has been so helpful. Not just professionally but personally. Everything is linked and it is nice to take a big picture look at things and step back and evaluate. I have been taking the time to really think about things and I am still working through the process but I am making progress and feel completely re-energized. I honestly feel like this could be so helpful for everyone. We all have goals and things we want to accomplish and sometimes really taking the time to write it out and dig a little deeper into the whys, and hows can be just what we need to get our minds and hearts in the right spot to actually follow through. 

Hope you a simply thoughtful Tuesday 

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