Thursday, January 17, 2013

baby shower goodness

my lovely co-worker is expecting her first little bundle of joy and of course i HAD to throw her a little work soiree. we decided to use our conference room and let me tell you, making that conference room not feel so cold and official is always a challenge. thankfully a couple carloads of decor later things started to look like a shower. I kept things pretty simple. Of course brought in the mason jars and stripped straws. Add in some brightly painted frames and ribbon and we were ready to party. Instead of a luncheon we held it at the end of the work day and did hor's devours and a sparkling punch. Not a bad way to end the day :)

So excited for Abby to welcome the little man into this world! I am going to die without her at work but i supposed she has a pretty good reason to be gone for awhile :) 

Hope you have a simply fantastic Thursday! 

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