Saturday, January 5, 2013

twenty four

oh goodness. 24. i admit seeing 24 next to my age is a bit daunting. i know, i know, in the grand scheme of things i am still young and have my whole life ahead of me. however, i do think that twenty-somethings are feeling the pressure even more in our society these days. we all have these unbelievable expectations that we place on ourselves to be this amazing successful young adult and the reality is, it's not always that realistic. it is hard, and things do not always go as planned. 

I admit this last year did not go exactly as  i had planned. i usually see my birthday as the time to come up with goals and resolutions for the next year since it is days after the new year. and as i think back to last year and what i wanted to accomplish i think my mind was in this place of thinking i had to do something big, that it was time to do something different and try to make that big move. However, looking back at this last year i have learned so much professionally and personally. i have always been one to act older then my age and sometimes i think i may put a little to much pressure to do something bigger and better the next year, when the reality is that this last year, i did do some amazing "bigger" things but they were not necessarily the "big" things i thought i needed to do. Everything happens for a reason and although i am always looking for opportunities to do something "more" i think i need to remember i am doing quite a lot right now. And i am completely blessed to be doing everything I am. 

I am 24. I have a full time job, my own small business, a supportive family, and wonderful friends. Cinta Events did 10 dinners, 4 floral jobs, 2 Milestone Birthday parties, and 1 wedding. Not to mention the 7 work events that i helped plan or decorate for. Wow, this is the first time i have actually counted out exactly how much Cinta has done this past year and honestly I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish. Makes the long days and nights completely all worth it.  I will always be striving to better myself, and to do something bigger with my business and my day job but i have finally realized that it might take more then 1 year to be exactly where i want to be doing exactly what i want. but i am thankful to be moving forward, and hopefully in the right direction. This next year is about continuing to grow and to do some major work on the back end of my business as well as to financially organize my own personal life. These are two goals that i really want to accomplish this next year. It's time to get these parts of my life in order, even though they may be the hardest. But i am up for the challenge and looking forward to what 24 is going to bring my way. 

Hope you have a simply Fabulous weekend! because trust me i will be to! :)

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