Friday, October 12, 2012


Who is excited about friday?! I know I am! I honestly feel like this month is just zooming by! There is so much that goes on in my personal life as well as work life that is just filling every free moment. But this has been and will continue to be an amazing month!

Today I am filling in some blanks! feel free to link up yourself over at The Little Things We Do!

1. My Favorite Flower is the Peony. I am obsessed with Peonies. They are my ultimate favorite flower. So big and fluffy and just completely gorgeous. 

2. You should never talk about Politics. I am just not a fan of bringing up this topic of conversation. People can get so worked about politics and although they have every right I like to keep everyone happy and politic talk always ends up with someone being upset. 

3. My favorite discovery as of late is the $25 shellac manicure that is at a place 2 minutes from my house. I still have an obsession with nail polish and have even more of an obsession with shellac.  

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing jeans, boots, cardi's and scarves. I am loving all the super rich colors of fall and of course me and my grey nail polish :) 

5. I wish i were at home doing some fall decorating, and organizing. There are a couple big house projects i really want to tackle but just have not had the time or energy. And now I am kicking myself because according to the weather the rain is about the start and that means I will have yet another excuse to not get out into the yard and tackle some things. 

6. My favorite TV show currently is Revenge. I am loving Revenge at the moment! I watched season 1 in like 2 days. Its the perfect amount of action/ drama/ it takes place in the hamptons :) 

7. This weekend I want to balance some productiveness with some fun. It's my roomies bday and his girlfriend is in town visiting so there are lots of social activities on the list along with hopefully a great OSU game. But i do really want to attempt to make progress on my garage as well. 

Hope everyone has a simply fantastical weekend! 

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