Monday, October 29, 2012

when you forget how amazing vacation is

I think the last time i was legitimately on vacation was back in December/ January for my big trip overseas. Since then i have maybe taken a day or two but most of the time a vacation day from my day job is more like a day off to work on my side job. However, I spent the last 5 days on actual vacation. I didn't go far but it was great to have some time at home and also a little adventure up to Seattle. I forgot how amazing it is to actually have time OFF. My work e-mail was giving me issues so I couldn't even silently check on things like i normally do. And boy let me tell you it was plain just heaven. Even though the last part of vacation was hectic and jammed packed with activities I feel so much better today. Needless to say I should try not waiting like 10 months before taking another one :) What did I do on my time off? lots of happy hours, friend time, house time, me time, pretty hit everything i love doing. aka perfect time off 

went to BravoLive 2012 .. loved all the photo booths 

attended my first Western Wednesday 

Did some re-arranging of the house 
finally decorated for halloween 

cocktails with this cutie! 
some last minute beaver shopping before heading to Seattle

headed to Seattle for the Beaver Game and to be reunited with my Twinsie 

seriously miss this girl so much. it was so amazing to spend the weekend with her

unfortunately  the game did not go as planned... but thats okay.. it was only 1 game

made a quick trip on my way out of town to the Pikes Place Market

OMG! Oils are seriously OMG good. Had to pick some up while in Seattle! 

and even made a mini pit stop to visit the Nike Clearance Store...i wanted everything . 

Sigh...already wishing I could be off again. Thank goodness Holiday's are right around the corner! 

Hope everyone has a simply amazing monday! 

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