Monday, October 17, 2011

finally making progress

So you know how I wanted to redo my room this summer? How I had grand plans of a new gray and yellow room? Well obviously easier said then done. Finding the right bedding/ pillows/ art/ everything has been...well a lot slower then I would have liked. However, I think I am finally making some progress. My biggest issue has been the art above my bed/ lack there of/ i didn't really fall in love with what I originally planned. 

Here is what I switched things to a month or so ago. Cute...but not as dramatic as I wanted. 

And here is what I switched things to this weekend...

 I was browsing the isles of good old Ross and found this print of the eiffle had a fun photo effect and as you can tell it is yellow :) And had some nice black and gray trees around it. I wasn't sure if I love loved it but when I turned it around and saw that it was 12.99 I couldn't resist. I then got home and attempted to figure out how to arrange things. I took everything off the walls and as I saw my eiffle tower painting on top of my yellow frame it just came to me. Rip the fabric out and frame the picture!!! Perfection! And I love it! I did the same thing to the random art I had made on the other wall. Not so sure I'll be keeping that forever but until I find the next perfect thing I find it will do :)

Now my next task need is the right pillows. You would think that finding the right pillows wouldn't be that hard of a task but trust me it is. However, now that I love my art I think I finally have a set direction I am going in. So I can now go to the fabric store and actually know what I am looking for.

So what dod you think?

Have a simply wonderful Monday. 

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