Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lucky 100

Wow! Today marks the 100th post of my little blog! When I started this thing back in April 100 posts wasn't even feesable or something I even thought about..but as i was writing posts last week I realized i would be hitting the 100th this week! Lucky 100. For the last couple years I have simply been an admirer of blogs and this blogger world. I by no means consider myself to have anything of interest for anything to read about but I appreciate all of you who stop by every once in awhile :) 
So today's post is in dedication to blogs.

Here are just a couple reasons why I love blogging/ other blogs/  pretty much the blogging world in general:

1. Community: I love that there seriously is this whole other world of bloggers and how people get to know each other and how its almost like meeting a celebrity when you meet the writer of your favorite blog.

2. Endless creativity: I personally follow a bazillion wedding, style, DIY, and personal lifestyle blogs. I have gotten some of the most amazing ideas from them. If I ever need to be inspired I look through them and always find something new and exciting.

3. Tradition: I love that some blogs have weekly themed posts. Hence why I have wedding wednesday. It gives me some structure and something to look forward to wether its my own blog or one of my favorite bloggers.

4. Personal: I think that the blogs I love the most are the ones where people write about their life...the good, the bad, the fun, the boring, the random. It's nice to know that someone out there is just as imperfect as you. That with the fun and excitement they are a real person. And that's why I have grown to love my blog. It's a place where I can just be me. From talking weddings, and recipes, to the more personal things. This is me.

Thanks again for stopping by! :) And here's to the next 100 posts :)

Have a simply wonderful Tuesday. 

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