Monday, February 27, 2012

snap shots of my weekend

not going to lie. this weekend ended up being the perfectly lazy weekend i really needed. the last couple weeks have been a little crazy and when a couple of my weekend plans fell through i was almost relieved. Sometimes you just need a little down time and it is very nice to be up on a monday morning and not totally exhausted from the weekend. here are some snap shots of the couple things i did do this weekend. 

had a delicious yumm bowl. im obsessed with these things! 

indulged in this amazing $3.99 Chardonnay Pinot Grigio from Trader Joes. amazing. 

watched the beavers mens basketball game at flat tail and actually almost drank a half a glass of beer!
major progress for me :) 
also splurged on a yummy s'mores dessert
finally cleaned my room and got my jewelry hung back up in the proper places

and enjoyed my super clean room in the candle light.
not at a bad way to end the weekend. 
not to bad of a weekend at all. of course wishing i had an extra day to really be productive but I guess there is always next weekend :)

Hope everyone has a simply fabulous monday! 

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