Thursday, February 9, 2012

todays obsession: Z Gallarie

last night i was lucky enough to be able to stop at Bridgeport Village to have a great catch up session with my bestie. It's always so nice to be able to grab dinner and a cocktail and just talk. but while waiting for her to get off of work I browsed some of stores. My last stop was the Z Gallarie. I love this store! No scratch that I am obsessed with it! And normally I am always finding something I wish I could get. But this time I walked in and I literally wanted to buy EVERYthing. I kept walking further back into the store and just going ooo ahhh...i must...i have to have this. It was pretty bad. I ended up just needing to leave because I was about to make about 500 purchases. But today I am still dreaming at some of the lovely things I saw. And I honestly may need to be investing in a new duvet cover from them. Because I found the perfect one. Take a look at some of the amazingness I wish was in my home right now. 

ummm yes please. I have a thing for white linens on the bed. But I love this light grey pattern. Its perfection. And hopefully will soon be on my bed. 

no words. 

How fun are these chevron plates! 

also love these 

this picture does this mirror no justice but it was STUNNING in person

lemon frames.

adorable vase

great chair

a more bold bedding option 

can you imagine entertaining under this pavilion? i can.

Sigh...thats what im dreaming of today. Someday right? Check everything out over on their website! 

Hope you have an simply absolutely amazing thursday! 

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