Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the year of change

change. who really actually loves change? well i guess some people truly do. But i like to know when change is going to happen. And I want to be the one making the changes. When life throws you those curve balls sometimes its hard to allow yourself to be okay with the situations you end up in, although this is life's favorite thing to do. and something you sometimes just can't avoid. but i do feel that change is right around the corner. and thankfully i am the one trying to make those changes.

I love this quote from (don't laugh at me) gossip girl "sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you wat to be." Honestly, this is something i try to do yearly. I try to evaluate if I am happy where I am at or if things need to change. Kind of a  time of reflection, a time to look back at the last year and try and figure out where I want to have my focus be in the next year. I know this seems like something I should have been writing about in January and I actually did take some time on my trip last month to write down 12 things for 2012 that I wanted to work on. And I am happy to report that some of those 12 things I listed are starting to take shape. I am ready for something new, I am ready for a new challenge and I honestly feel like is the year a lot of this is going to happen. It isn't going to be easy and somethings aren't taking shape as quickly as I would like them but I am trying to be patient.

Last April I wrote about how I was deciding to stay right where I was at. That for the next year I would keep doing what I was doing and see what opportunities might present themselves for the next year. And I'm not going to lie, last year was a year of more self discovery, a year of new friendships, and old ones coming to an end and a year with some hard lessons that needed to be learned. As usual everything happens for a reason. And since coming back from my trip I've had this immense feeling of happiness about my life. For the first time in awhile I feel like i'm making some progress in my long term goals and dreams and I am truly excited to see what happens this next year.

It's hard to sometimes see past the everyday life struggles but I keep trying to keep the end goal in sight.  I am blessed to know what I want to do and now it's time to put in the work and make things happen.

Sorry for random thoughts of my weird brain today.
 Hope you have a simply thoughtful Tuesday. 

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