Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Boudoir Shoots

warning: kind of a scandalous of a post today ;) but in the name of wedding wednesday's I must eventually talk about the boudoir shoots. the popularity of Boudoir shoots has grown immensely in the last few years. Women are embracing their sexuality and soon to be brides are finding these shoots and little black books the perfect pre-wedding gift to their man. Nothing like a little tease in the days leading up to your I-do's. Now, although these are growing in popularity there are most definitely the provocative bordering tacky boudoir shoots or the extremely classy almost artsy shoots. I'm sure you can already guess that I would suggest the classy, artsy route. These are pictures that you want to look back at when you are old and grey and still love, not be something you regret. You want to look back and feel like the pictures you took were classic and timeless..exactly like your wedding pictures. Thanks to pinterest I've been keeping track of some of my favorites to share. Feel free to check out my bored for the original sources! 

i absolutely adore this picture. the essence of class and sexiness all at the same time.

sexy silhouette

hello legs

another stunning picture. 
fun accessories 
beauty at any size and one stunning corset 
heart the bow
there are so many directions you can go with these shoots but most of all they should make you feel absolutely beautiful, stunning, and sexy. Pick the right looks for you and don't try to be something you aren't. These shoots should empower you and bring out that confident sexy women that is in all of us. And most of all have fun! don't stress yourself out over these shoots. The photographer is there to make you look your best and trust me if you have a good one they will. Do your research and be willing to pay for quality because lets be honest this is not the kind of photo shoot you want an amateur running.

Hope you have a simply sexy wedding wednesday! 

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