Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty things on Pinterest...shocking i know..

I have been spending way to much time over on pinterest lately. As all of us know it is way to addicting to have never ending inspiration and pretty things to look at. Figured I would have another addition of what I am loving right now. And hopefully I can work on not spending so much time on this amazing invention we call pinterest...ehhh..yeah lets be honest that probably isn't going to happen.

my all time favorite. peonies. can't wait for these to be in season again.

like i am done. two story closet? i think yes. 

double island kitchen. might be adding this to things i must do when i design my own kitchen someday. 


might be my dream office look for Cinta someday..clean, simple, and elegant 

i really want this clutch. it screams andrea. and it's locally made! what could be better?!

Original sources on my pinterest boards! Feel free to follow me :)

Hope everyone has a simply happy monday! 

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  1. I love pinterest, so many great things on their! Two leveled closet?? Yes please!