Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Eugene Luxe Bridal Event

This last week was the 1st Eugene Luxe Bridal Show and with one my brides getting married in the Eugene area we decided to drive down to Eugene and check it out. And I'm not going to lie, I was quite impressed by the turnout. It definitely had more of an event feel to the whole thing. Music was playing, lights were dimmed and wine and food tastings were amazing. I was however disappointed with the amount of vendors who showed up. But because it was the first year I can only seeing this event grow as the years go on. I loved the bridal gown lounge and the bouquet display concepts but I think it could have been executed a little better. I think that the Portland version of this show would probably blow this one out of the water, just because there are so many unique vendors in Portland. I may need to treck up to Portland next week and check it out. But for now here are some snap shots of the Eugene show! 

a fun colorful bouquet from the bouquet display 
this bouquet would be perfect for a summer wedding 

great displays from Parties to Go

The Bride with a fun drag queen making an appearance 

Bride, her sister and bestie

A little fun in one of the rooms with a ballet bar and mirror 

the wedding dress boutique had a decent amount of dresses to look at and try on

The Pearl Vodka station was giving a tasting of  Wedding Cake Vodka
it was one of our favorite stops :) 

who wouldn't want to serve wedding cake vodka at their wedding? 

it over all was a successful night with some great idea's and a lot of fun. 
can't wait for Leah's Wedding! It's going to be stunning :) 

Hope everyone has a simply fantastic Wedding Wednesday! 

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