Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my newest obsession

last week i was informed of a whole world of online make-up subscriptions. I about died when I heard about the concept and quickly started doing some research. Did you know that for a small monthly fee you can get a box full of high- end make-up and beauty samples? Umm..yes! It is a brilliant concept. Who wants to buy make-up without being able to play with it a little at the counter. And even then you still wish you could try it for a couple days and decide if you want to buy it. Well here is the perfect way to do it! Birchbox is one of the leading US sites leading this whole make-up revolution. Still waiting for my formal invite to be able to subscribe. However, while doing my research I found a similar site that had the same concept but with nail polish! umm we KNOW how obsessed with nail polish I am right now so i jumped at the opportunity to try it out. Thankfully all Julep requires is a little style quiz to sign up! It is a little more expensive at 19.99 a month but you get the full size nail polish and other goodies valued at over $40 bucks a month. And to my excitement I got the box this weekend!!! Check out what I got!

the cute little box! 

it came with two nail colors, a hair top coat, and a mini sample of  intense hand cream

my colors were Meryl and Oscar. they were inspired obviously by the oscars :) 

LOVE this color. i love grey and this polish is perfection! 

Check out their website and sign up for yourself! 
Click here for the site! I promise you will not be disappointed! :) 

Hope you have a simply fantastic Tuesday! 

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