Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wedding wednesday: obsession

lately i've been realizing that my obsession with weddings probably seems completely insane to most people im surrounded by. I get excited about things that normal people rarely care about and what most girlfriends only care about when they are the ones getting married. here are some symptoms of my wedding obsessed life lately.

You know you are obsessed when: 

1. you buy books on weddings. the first stop when i get to Powell's is the wedding section.  there is nothing like being able to sit and go through all the amazing pictures and tips, and stories. I get giddy just thinking about it.

2. attending wedding shows without a bride. obviously we can say that being a wedding planner this one isn't so weird. but trust me it's a little awkward when vendors keep asking you when your date is and you have to give that whole shpeal on how you are scouting and not the one actually getting married.

3. following more wedding blogs then i can count on a regular basis. now i will admit that i probably only check about 4 of those on a daily basis but i religiously follow about a million.

4. when i see a random object and want to completely change it's purpose. I will see a pot holder and want to turn it into a chandelier. this is not an example. I have two sitting in my garage as we speak. I also have ikea clearance shelves that i use as risers for food items at events.

5. weddings are in your dreams. i am one of those people who rarely ever dreams/ remembers my dreams but i have had a couple dreams about weddings in the last week or so. the last one i had i forgot to order linens! #nightmare

i sometimes feel like my obsessions are totally legit and sometimes i almost think i might actually be crazy but in the end I just remind myself that my obsession will only make someone special day that much better. i'm by no means perfect but I do strive for perfection in my work. and i guess being a little obsessive never hurt anything right? 

hope you have a simply wonderful wedding wednesday. 

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