Friday, May 11, 2012

bbq envy

tonight i am hosting the first of im sure many bbq's to come this summer. i have worked hard to tidy up the backyard and dust of the good ole bbq but i must say I am having some bbq envy with all the cute outdoorsy furniture, bbqs, and other adorable outdoor living area accessories. It makes me dream about someday owning my own home with a yard i can do some amazing entertaining in. But for now I browse the isles of stores wishing i a. had the home and b. had the money. It's okay though. I make due with my mini backyard and strings of lights. :)

i have wanted a fire pit for years now.....maybe this summer i should make that happen
crate and barrel 

everyone needs a great outdoor dining table.
would be nice to not have to use my folding tables
crate and barrel 
and we all need a good lounge chair. this one from westelm is perfect
these amazing plates would be perfect for my summer dinner parties
actually all the tableware anthropologie carries would be perfect 

pretty sure resting on this couch with a good book would complete my summer
also from westelm 

and for my grand finale this Altair Tent also by anthropologie
ringing in at a cool 8,998. only in my dreams 

looking forward to a fun bbq and weekend! 

hope everyone has a simply fantastic weekend as well! 

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